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Our Story

Freedom Village of Canada was started originally by Pastor Brothers some 37+ years ago in Lakemont, New York. We were an extension of the Freedom Village USA ministry. Jointly, our program has saved over 27,000 young people.

FREEDOM VILLAGE of Canada is now separate from Freedom Village USA and is the only Christian Program aimed at helping children and their families to cope with the threat posed by drugs, abuse, and immorality. It receives no government funding and is supported solely by contributions from concerned families.

What We Do

We are continuing the Freedom Village mission. We help youth and their families to know the Gospel and that Jesus Christ loves them and has a better life for them. 

In a home setting, we teach the parents and children how to improve their environment and cope with the choices their children are making.

Parents and children must work through challenges together, but not alone. That is where we can help.

Meet the Team

Keara Gallant

Executive Director

Keara Gallant has been with Freedom Village of Canada since 1999. She is the executive director and works directly with the children and their families.

You can reach Keara at:

(905) 634-5558 Ext.1


Rebecca Austin

Support Team

Rebecca Austin has been with Freedom Village of Canada since 2007. She is part of the support team for teens and families.

You can reach Rebecca at:

(905) 634-5558 Ext.2


Board Members

Dr. George Bryniawsky

Chairman of the Board

Mrs. Barbara Smith

Mr. Fotios Filtsos

Mr. Robert Kinch