Dear Friends,

We have less than 2 weeks to secure and pay the balance of our March Break camp spots.  Freedom Village of Canada is blessed to be working with a good bible teaching Christian camp. We have had proven results with our youths in the past, and the best thing is ….THEY ARE OFFERING MARCH BREAK PROGRAMS!

Why is camp so important? Why should you support young people leaving home for a week and having fun at a camp? Nourishment of body and soul.

Fun at camp learning team work
Fun at camp learning team work

Of course, food is important for teens. Sometimes they not only learn about God and make lasting friendships at camp, but for some, they also get fed better than they do all year round!  Sitting around the table as a family or as a group of friends at camp is wonderful and a good routine to take part in. The stories told and the communication over a good meal is a blessing and what we are meant to do.

Along with the food they eat to nourish their physical bodies, they hunger for spiritual food as well. During camp week they are involved in bible studies, games that involve team work, and structure. The apostles spread Jesus’ teachings and were instrumental in the early church’s growth and development. Like then, team work, lasting friendships and expanding Gods kingdom is all at work during camp week!

Please help us RIGHT NOW. You can donate here:

Or you can call in at 1-877-726-5558 to make a donation OR you can mail a cheque to PO Box 1178, Burlington ON L7R 9Z9.

All donations are appreciated and used for the glory of God!

Thank you and God bless!

Keara Gallant
Executive Director
Freedom Village of Canada

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