The Holy Spirit has lead us to an awesome blessing we want to share with you. One of our many generous donors brought a beautiful Bible to us that is bringing families together to explore God’s Word.

The New Living Translation is a wonderful English language Bible that keeps the power and wonder of the words alive in an easy to read style. Add to that the Filament app that connects every page to related content, and your Bible study reaches a whole new level, and not just yours alone: children have begun helping their parents learn to use the app, while parents are using the opportunity to lead their children to a deeper understanding of their faith. God is so good!

As our thank you gift to you for a minimum donation or pledge of $500, we will send you one of these elegant, zipper Bibles, embossed in gold lettering with:

“Save a Child… Grow a Leader”

This is a limited time offer, while supplies last. Click here to donate now:

Embossed bible
Filament App

Want to learn more about the Bible we are sending you? Check out this Exclusive Tyndale.com Preview

Click here to learn more about the Filament Bible Experience.

God Bless you and yours, now and always, in the Name of Jesus the Christ.

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