WE NEED YOU RIGHT NOW Please! Please! Can you help us, so we help our youths and their families? 

I am not going to sugar coat it and will just dive right in…. I have an invoice from our counselors AND our summer camp both are due NOW.

There is amazing life changing work happening and I do not want to stop it. These youths are finally connecting with our team, they are feeling comfortable and opening up. The healing and the reconciliation is taking place and we need it to continue, in order to give these young people a fighting chance in this world. PLEASE HELP US RIGHT NOW.

can not tell you how hard it’s been of late. We have had to fight our battles and claim victory over the last few months. Some of our supporters have had to stop regular giving due to higher costs than normal. While others have lost jobs, loved ones and found it too hard. YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO GIVE.

God has always provided when we walk with Him, trust Him, and never doubt Him.

Freedom Village of Canada  had to postpone our Spring Banquet- We did not have the committed response that we needed. The funds we raised were going to be used to pay these bills. Please consider giving a donation in leu of the banquet. We had the venue, deposit down and speakers arranged however, God had other plans!!

I received an email from ???? anonymous person, saying they are going to shut us down. That God is not real and has ruined her life. – We can not let satan win. I do not know what this person is doing or saying BUT WE WILL CLAIM VICTORY. I have prayed for this person to open her harden heart and let Jesus in. 

Instead of talking how this world and how times have changed, let us do something about it. Let us stand and show our commitment to these young people, whom God has created. Let us stand firm on our beliefs and let us steadfast in prayer and giving. 

Can you be God’s MVP right now? I know God uses people at different times for different things. We all can’t get a grand slam or home run for the team every game,  but this might be your game now! You are the MVP we are needing in order to continue. 

Please pray and give what you can. Every dollar is appreciated and stretched as far as we can. An immediate gift can be made at Canadahelps.org. This site is secure and opened 24/7. You can also write a cheque and mail it to PO BOX 1178, Burlington ON L7R 9Z9. We check our post box daily or call us today at 905-634-5558 we except Visa and Mastercard.

Thank you and God bless you and this ministry, 

Keara Gallant

Freedom Village of Canada

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