Our Story

Freedom Village of Canada was started originally by our founding and senior Pastor Brothers some 37+ years ago in Lakemont, New York. Jointly, our program has saved over 27,000 young people around the world.

Today Freedom Village of Canada continues helping children and their families to cope with the threat posed by drugs, abuse, and immorality. It receives no government funding and is supported solely by contributions from concerned families.

What We Do

The Freedom Village mission continues: we help youth and their families to know the Gospel and that Jesus Christ loves them and has a better life for them.

In a home setting, we teach the parents and children how to improve their environment and cope with the choices their children are making.

Parents and children must work through challenges together, but not alone. That is where we can help.

Our Vision

Freedom Village of Canada uses the power of the Holy Spirit to save the family as a unit in a home setting.  In order to achieve this and maintain this, God MUST be kept in the center of the home.  We form a program that is suited for each individual family and uphold our involvement throughout the healing, reconciliation and eventually celebration process.

Help for Troubled Youth

We assist youths in their home setting, surrounded by the obstacles, challenges and influences they are faced with every day:

  • Depression/isolating behaviors
  • Self-harm
  • Excessive amount of screen time
  • Learning disabilities
  • Habitual use of alcohol/cigarettes/drugs
  • Destructive habits/anger issues
  • Gang involvement
  • Sexual activity

Together we are saving children to grow leaders and give them what they need mentally, physically, socially and spiritually.

If you would like to speak to our team about volunteering, donating, or participating, please contact us.

Help for Parents

Children are a heritage from the Lord. God entrusts them to us, as parents, to bring them up for Him.  The burden of parenting can be eased when you understand you are stewards not owners.  You will be uplifted to know children are a reward from Him and God is in control.  Emphasizing this gives parents comfort.

We provide the tools and personal plans/programs designed to help the families unique and individual needs.

We are transforming broken families who once thought they were hopeless.  We give them hope and a future and show them the love of Jesus