Freedom Village of Canada is no longer part of Freedom Village USA

Whatever the problem there is still ONLY ONE ANSWER!

Freedom Village USA has closed it’s doors, unfortunately, So our Canadian children are no longer attending at the USA campus. Freedom Village of Canada, however, has the SAME COMMITMENT to our youth, just a different location/approach.

OUR PLAN is to improve the environment while in a home setting working with the parents and children together.  We want to continue to help fund children in camp during summer and spring break. These camps have started registering already and our goal is to sustain 16 spots for summer 2020. We will provide the tools to use for both parents and children – for example – diet recommendations, Worship connections, journal and bible knowledge and a personal plan /program design for their individual needs.

Bottom line we have the SAME COMMITMENT – we are assisting youths and their families to know the Gospel and Jesus Christ loves them and has a better life for them.  We are teaching the parents and children in their own environment/setting.

Pastor is working on his own resource ministry books, radio and DVD and looking to work with the parents on how to eliminate or deal with problems children face today.  assist

JESUS is the same