COVID-19 Status & Our Events

Our Freedom Village Golf Day is scheduled for the 14th of August. Golf and Dinner and all activity are not currently impacted.


Our children are a precious gift from God. When we hold them in their innocence, we realize how amazing God is to create this beautiful miracle of life.

But God also granted each and every child choice. As parents, it is our mission to raise them and teach them all they need as adults. But this gift of choice, sometimes leads our children down the wrong path. The heartache it places on families and parents can be overwhelming.

At Freedom Village of Canada we believe the answer to every need and the remedy for every heartache was sent by GOD. The world is reeling and sin abounds – but Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

We are a unique teen-centered ministry and our mission is to help those children and their families right their path – together.

Latest News

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